franchising articlesStrategies For Attracting Franchisees

It has become a daunting task for franchisors to find quality franchisees. Most businesses that start a franchise system may fall short of their expectations. This means that these franchise system hardly attain their goals or marketing objectives. Moreover, the franchise industry has become a competitive one and proper planning and research must be carried out.

Franchisors that fall short of their expected numbers almost always end up recruiting prospects of lesser quality. And this inclusion is counter-productive and ends up being a burden to the franchisor for the long-term.

So what are the best ways to attract quality franchisees? Read on.

1. Website Clout

Franchise applicants need to be armed with prompt and valuable information. The Internet offers you an opportunity to do just that. And it is important for you to leverage on this opportunity with a good website where comprehensive information can be found. Remember that first impressions count. So upload an effective website that attracts prospects and engages them to take action by calling your hotlines.

2. Online marketing

There are too many things that fight for our attention online. You need to promote your website if you want to get noticed. People would never know what great product or service that you offer by chance. They need to be made aware of it first.  Be ready to spend money on advertising and traffic sources that get people to visit your site. You can use free online tools to check out the source of your traffic and from where it is originating from. Depending on how much traffic you get, you can intensify your efforts or abandon them altogether.

3. Qualify Your Leads

It is important to have a website that gives people enough information and spurs them into action. Every prospect that you attract to your website must have a basic understanding of the business and offer before reaching out to a franchisor. It helps to place interactive videos on your site and a frequently asked questions section page. Studies show that people seeking franchise opportunities are always on the hunt for clear points of difference. Ensure that you always highlight your unique selling points and why your franchise stands apart from the crowd.

4. Explain Procedures

When it comes to looking for franchisees, you need to be as honest and as transparent as possible. This shows that you take your business very seriously and that you have nothing to hide. It is one thing to generate leads. However, it is another thing to simplify the recruitment process and select the best franchisees that can take your business growth to the next level.


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