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Many people nurse the dream of owning a business. However, it is only a few that have the funds required to start one. This is the reason why a franchise offers a good alternative to actually setting up a business. A franchise is a system that is already set up to run. But it is not a business system you should jump into just because things have been laid out for you. This does not make it any easier.

There is one crucial question that you should ask yourself. Can you follow a franchise system from start to finish? Or are you the type who needs to experiment and do things differently every now and then? When it comes to anything in life, there are pros and cons.

There is a price to pay for running your own business. There is also a price to pay if you want to use a franchise option. If you want to go into business for yourself, it is a serious decision; each business has its own promises and perils. So if you want a franchise or conventional business, look at the pros and cons below. It would definitely help you make up your mind.

  • Autonomy

If you own your business, you are control every step of the way. If you work under a franchise system, you follow laid down rules and must sign an agreement with the owner of the franchise. Franchisors do not own a franchise. They operate using a license for a specific period of time. This allows them to use the brand name, equipment suppliers, uniforms, stationary, system of operation and more.

  • Financing

There are some businesses that are cheaper than a franchise. Some business people have succeeded by this means. But many businesses require sizable start-up capital since they are just breaking out. Franchisors would not have to struggle in this regard. Most franchise systems have strong bonds with money lenders and suppliers who make it relatively easy for a franchisor to get started.

  • Time to Sell

If you want to sell your business, it can be profitable for you in the end. But if you want to dispose of a franchise, you will end up making more money. Most business people prefer to settle with a known brand and established business environment. They want to minimize the risks. They prefer to opt for something that is safe and has already connected well with the people. An independent business might tick some of these boxes. However, a franchise comes in tops in this regard.


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