Clubstore Outlet

Clubstore Outlet

Clubstore Outlet is a very unique franchise opportunity in the retail category. There are 3 areas of retail that are exploding....e-commerce, home goods, and the off price category. We fall into the off price category, though some of our owners have also set up an e-commerce business out of their stores.

Clubstore Outlet corporate has relationships with many of the wholesale clubs and big box stores. We purchase excess inventory, overflow, and some damage packaged goods at deep discounts. We then in-turn supply our franchisees with product that they sell in their stores at 30-50% less that wholesale clubs and big box stores. Product like non-perishable food, clothing, pet supplies, housewares, furniture, electronics, paper goods, toys, health and beauty, etc.

The inventory turns very quickly, so the key to the business is to always keep your back room stocked with inventory ready to put out on the floor. The inventory is so simple to manage because you re-order product by just letting corporate know the number of pallets you need for a particular category. The franchisee is NOT managing 1000's of different skews of product.

The stores are located in neighborhood strip centers about 5000-6000 square feet and have very much of a warehouse feel to them. Simply a polished concrete floor, a roll up door in the back, and shelving.

This is a SIMPLE business model, that will do well regardless of the economy. People always want a good deal. Our stores are so much fun to shop in because the inventory is constantly turning and changing. This creates a "treasure hunt" mentality. Repeat business is phenomenal as our customer base is always coming back to see what is new.

The margins on the business are phenomenal!!!!

Clubstore OutletClubstore Outlet
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