Stronghold Floors

Stronghold Floors

6 Reasons to choose the Stronghold Floors business opportunity

There are so many franchise opportunities today that it can seem overwhelming. Comparing them can make your head spin. We know, we started off as franchisees of another network – we’ve seen the franchise world from both sides.
When we decided to allow others to also use our Stronghold Floors business model, we made certain to provide 6 benefits we feel are often missing in other service franchise opportunities.

  • Marketing support coupled with a high traffic, lead generating website
  • Choice of vendors and suppliers with network, volume based pricing
  • Integrated, optimized systems and task automation platforms
  • Large, exclusive territories
  • Lower royalties that drop even more with our Sales Growth Incentives
  • Custom tailor additional service offerings to the territory

Marketing Support & High Traffic Website for Lead Generation
Many franchisors leave you on your own with marketing your business – not us. We work with our franchisees to optimize their local marketing (PPC Ads, social media ads, events, email campaigns, print ads) and ensure they work in concert with our national/brand marketing.

Choice of Vendors and Suppliers
Unlike many franchisors, we are not in the product business. We do not sell any coatings products to our franchisees; instead we allow each franchisee to select from an approved list of vendors and suppliers. We receive no kickbacks for the network’s purchases. Instead, we use our volume purchasing power to negotiate the best prices we can for the franchise network.
We also ensure that approved vendors and suppliers are located throughout the United States to minimize shipping costs and delivery time frames.

Integrated, Optimized Systems and Smart Task Automation
Many services franchise networks leave everyday business operations to each franchise to figure out or optimize. Our franchisees benefit from our backgrounds in CRM software, business process automation and cost-effective technologies. We believe each franchise team should be able to focus on the items that move their business forward, not mundane & repetitive business tasks.
Our Sales-To-Operations & Marketing-Process (STOMP) is fully integrated to minimize administrative tasks/data entry and effectively communicate internally with a franchisee’s team and externally with prospects & customers.
Additionally, Stronghold Floors uses cloud, mobile and laptop based technologies to automate tasks wherever possible. Our platforms allow us to rapidly create workflows and task automations that are personalized to the franchisee.

Large, Exclusive Territories
Stronghold Floors territories are both geographically large and population dense (and exclusive territories). Unlike most of our competitors (and service franchises), we do not measure our territories in tens or hundreds of thousands of homes. We measure in millions.
The reality is a coatings franchise needs a constant, year round stream of leads. That doesn’t come from a territory of 250K people.

Lower Royalties & Sales Growth Incentives
Compare us to other similar franchise opportunities. It quickly becomes apparent our sales royalties are lower and fairer to the franchisee. Plus, we even have sales growth incentives that lowers the royalty if specified sales targets are achieve in the fiscal year.

Tailor Additional Service Offerings to the Franchise Territory
We realize that some territories may wish or need to provide additional concrete services in their territory. We already have this built into our FDD & Franchise Agreement where, with our permission, a franchisee can provide additional services such as polished concrete, concrete overlays and concrete staining. This doesn’t require additional franchise fees or contracts.

Stronghold FloorsStronghold Floors
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