Zaniac is an active inspiring place filled with friends and friends to be, where real math and technology learning is fun. Zaniac engages K-8 students in supplemental Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education—giving them real academic advantage at their regular school plus the skills and motivation they need to succeed in life.

Although Zaniac is known for its flagship Zane Math K-8 tutoring and enrichment curriculum, Zane Math K-8 accounts for only 22% of sales. 78% of sales are for enrichment courses and programs like Computer Programming, Zaniac Robotics: LEGO®, Game-Based Learning: Minecraft™, Game Modding, Tinkering, 3D Printing, Chess, Touch Typing, and Edison Club — programs designed to motivate students to want to learn more math.

Each Zaniac campus also offers uniquely compelling features for franchise owners, including:

A state-of-the-art STEM Curriculum, presented to students through a customized pedagogy that combines fun, peer-based learning and hands-on engagement with the latest technology.
A proprietary online assessment-based approach that demonstrates what a student already knew and has learned after every class through Milestones and Achievements. Watch the Zane Math video.

The Zaniac Campus Operating System (COS), our turnkey, cloud-based solution that allows Zaniac owners and campus managers to concentrate on sales and improving their customer's experience rather than operational friction points such as scheduling and accounting.

Zaniac History

Although the first Zaniac campus opened in 2011, Zaniac’s story began in 1975 at the University of Pennsylvania when 20-year-old graduate student Paul Zane Pilzer built an interactive “teaching machine" on a mainframe computer. Pilzer realized back then that technology could one day make great education affordable for everyone, the same way that phonographs and movie projectors had made great entertainment affordable for everyone.

Pilzer went on to become a world-famous economist, NYU college professor, New York Times bestselling author, White House official, and social entrepreneur. In addition to founding several companies with a market capitalization exceeding $1 billion, Pilzer founded one of the nation's leading educational CD-ROM publishers in the 1990s (NASD:ZANE), and an online high school in the 2000s (The American Academy). But it was only when he and his wife Lisa had their own four elementary school children that they realized the need for Zaniac K-8 After-School Programs & Camps — a place K-8 students would want to go to learn more math and science, a place where students would want to go to learn how to design video games versus just play video games.

In 2008, Lisa Pilzer became a franchisee with Planet Fitness. The Pilzer's have helped the chain grow through franchising from 200 stores to more than 1,000 U.S. locations with 7 million members.

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