Franchise 25000-50000

Franchise 25000-50000 – Franchises from $25K to $50K

Are looking to start your own business but don’t want to spend a fortune? On Franchise 25000-50000 we have a number of franchise opportunities for sale starting from $25,000 to $50,000. It might not take a lot of money to be your own boss. Search the franchises that are affordable and fit to your situation. You can find franchises by cash required of $50,000 and under in different industries and categories here at Franchise 25000-50000.

There are numerous franchises on franchisefinders.ca that came highly recommended by the existing franchisees in the market.

Franchises By Cash Required | Less than $25,000 | $25,000 – $50,000$50,000 – $100,000$100,000 – $250,000More than $250,000

BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers

CATEGORY: Fitness, Health, Beauty & Nutrition


CATEGORY: Advertising & Marketing

Challenge Island

CATEGORY: Child Related, Education


CATEGORY: Advertising & Marketing

Mr. Appliance

CATEGORY: Repair & Restoration, Maintenance, Home Services

Pestmaster® Services

CATEGORY: Green & Eco Friendly, Home Services, Maintenance, Pest Control

Rainbow International Restoration and Cleaning

CATEGORY: Maintenance, Repair & Restoration, Home Services, Cleaning & Maid Services

Renew Crew

CATEGORY: Green & Eco Friendly, Cleaning & Maid Services, Home Services


CATEGORY: Home Services, Real Estate

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

CATEGORY: Green & Eco Friendly, Repair & Restoration, Pest Control

Blue Moon Estate Sales   

CATEGORY: Home Services, Senior Care

Catalyft Success System 

CATEGORY: Business Opportunities, Education, Management & Training

Cookie Advantage

CATEGORY: Advertising & Marketing, Miscellaneous & Unique


CATEGORY: Green & Eco Friendly, Home Services, Repair & Restoration

Naturals2Go Healthy Snacks & Drinks

CATEGORY: Vending, Retail, Food & Restaurants

Paradis Ice cream

CATEGORY: Food & Restaurants, Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream, Retail

Property Management

CATEGORY: Real Estate

Robin Autopilot

CATEGORY: Maintenance, Green & Eco Friendly, Home Services


CATEGORY: Advertising & Marketing, Printing & Copying

The Great Greek Grill

CATEGORY: Food & Restaurants

Conserva Irrigation

CATEGORY: Home Services


CATEGORY: Car Wash, Green & Eco Friendly, Repair & Restoration

Five Star Painting

CATEGORY: Home Services

Liberty Tax Service

CATEGORY: Financial Services

Medical Staffing Consultants

CATEGORY: Senior Care, Employment & Personnel

Oxi Fresh

CATEGORY: Green & Eco Friendly, Cleaning & Maid Services

ProfitPlus Accounts

CATEGORY: Financial Services


CATEGORY: Building & Storage, Home Services


CATEGORY: Miscellaneous & Unique, Home Services, Repair & Restoration


CATEGORY: Financial Services

Squeegee Squad

CATEGORY: Cleaning & Maid Services, Maintenance

Franchise Categories

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