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We help Franchisors in expansion of their brand. Through careful research and consulting, Franchise Finders offers you an inexpensive service to help you grow. They will carefully evaluate your performance and find a qualified investor who would be interested in you and your franchise. Once they have passed through the qualification process you can decide if you want to work with them or not.

Franchise Finders - Finding a FranchiseeThis service will allow you to expand your franchise and stretch your reaches to more cities with a ripe market. With a good investor on your side and the proper market evaluation researched, you can break even quickly or expand safely if you are new or established Franchise concept respectfully.

Our services include;

  • Finding the right publications for print media advertising
  • Marketing online to find you more potential investors and prospects
  • Consulting with franchise buyers, interested in your industry, to get more strategies and information on new market niches.
  • Presenting you concept to existing business owners or sellers of small business if they can be interested in you industry.

Who We Are? And What We Do?

Franchise Finders is an extension of ProClient Brokers Inc., Brokerage. We are Business Brokers and members of International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A Source. We deal with promotion and marketing Start-Up franchises and helping new and established franchises expand. Franchise Finders will utilize as many tools as possible to safely promote your business. This includes doing market research, connecting with buyer prospects, staying on top of the ever-changing trends and looking for unique and profitable market niches.

For Franchisors - Franchise FindersThe Process Of Choosing a Potential franchisee

We will go through an in-depth screening of the prospect. During this it will be determined how much access to money the prospect has. Once this information is gathered you will be asked to consider if you would like to build a new franchise location for such candidate.

After an extensive process there are complete client profiles ready. Upon request you will be referred to clients who meet your needs both financially and geographically.

We do our very best to reach out to prospective partners for you to expand on. By staying ahead of the game and keeping on top of new marketing trends, we do our absolute best to help you market your franchise through various sites online, through print media, networking and by keeping in contact with other business owners.

When we make a connection with a potential franchisee, they go through our in-depth screening process to see if they qualify to be a franchisee. When this is done we present to you our findings and then the final decision is up to you for the final client.

Over the years we have helped many franchise owners expand their businesses. Coming to us for help with expansion would be considered a great choice. Our business brokers have worked with both big and small franchisors and have become very experienced in the field. We do what it takes to present you with potential prospects that fit all your requirements. We take great pride in our work.

  • We are only paid on successful sale
  • There are no up-front fees
  • All of our fees are paid out of the money you collect from the franchisee
  • No monthly fees


Please contact us to discuss your market interests.

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