franchising articlesHow to Expand a Franchise System Internationally?

Expand a Franchise Internationally – Most franchisors take their franchise systems internationally only after they have recorded success domestically. A critical component that most franchisors overlook when taking their business internationally is the brand and how it relates to another culture and location. And when franchisors fail to find the right component, their foray into foreign territories becomes a useless one.

Some important decisions that a franchisor should consider include licensing their brand system for international purposes, carrying out a survey on different markets and understanding the complexity of culture. In addition, there is the need to also put an apparatus in place to support franchisees and ensure that they succeed.

The decision of where you should start first and in what way you should go about planting your franchise brand in the psyche of prospects is a daunting task. Do not just take your franchise overseas just because your competition is doing it. You should not also do it simply because your business is booming at home.

Getting Ready to Expand a franchise Internationally

There are factors that need to influence your decision. Consider the economic conditions, political landscape, and look for common ground between cultures. It is important that you look at the legalities of taking your business outside your home country as well.

If you want to go global with your franchise, you need to be ready. You need the full backing of staffers or senior management team. You need their backing to plant a strong foundation for your international business and look beyond selling franchises for a little money. Do you have a business plan with a convincing budget to help you attain your goals? Never put a cart before the horse, the funds needed for international development must be available before you take any step.

Before you carry your franchise abroad, clearly define your market and leverage on your unique selling points and tweak them to your own advantage. People will not jump at any franchise opportunity. People want a confident system that is profitable and that can compete in the marketplace.

In addition, ensure that you do not leave any controversies unattended to in your home country. Franchisee prospects carry out due diligence and when they see that things are not exactly in great shape, they move on to a better alternative. When it comes to franchising there are always options to choose from.
It is important to make sure that you can transfer your training, support and marketing programs to another country or culture without it affecting your business model.


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