franchising articlesA franchise operational manual is a collection of procedures and systems that clearly outline how to conduct a franchise business on a day-to-day basis. This type of manual is developed for franchisees and for those that want to be part of this type of business. An operational manual makes it clear on how you should work and what needs to be done to develop the business for the long-term.

Franchise operational manuals are meant to be well laid and planned. If your manual does not contain over 80% of what a franchisee needs to run a business, you have failed. An operational manual should be a reflection of the aspirations of the business and must also address the needs of the use and forewarn against any complications.

Another thing you need to consider is if the manual is up to date. The phrase a “living document” refers to a manual or document that is up to speed and is well suited with the dizzying trends and processes that occur in the business. A manual should harness every user with the best means of executing a franchise business and help one stay competitive by churning out profits. If a manual is not updated regularly, most franchisees would abandon it.

A manual should be informative and instructive. You do not necessarily need to attend trainings or seminars before you get a hang of what your choice franchise is all about. A comprehensive operational manual will always be well-received because it holds nuggets of valuable information.

An operational manual should be accompanied with training or resource materials based on the content of a manual. Every new franchisee is entitled to a personal manual in order for them to hit the ground and start running. The manual should be interactive and interesting. It should be a manual that one should enjoy reading rather than want to avoid because it is boring.

It is important to possess a manual that your field or support staff is familiar with. Every support staff that visits a franchisee must have a personal copy. It is really shabby when a franchisor staff is asking for the manual of a franchisee when trying to make a point or reference. An operational manual is a valuable training tool and helps franchises run more successfully.

In conclusion, franchise operational manuals are the foremost sellers of a franchise program. They help to cut down the amount of time or resources that might have been dedicated to new franchisees. An operational manual helps to advance the framework of a company and helps them function even more as a cohesive unit. It should always be updated with new information, policies and procedures.


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