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The role of ongoing franchise training and support cannot be underestimated in a franchise business. It is the core of every franchise opportunity that you come across. Do not get caught up in making your franchise a success and forget that you need to physically condition your mentality and update your knowledge at every chance that you get. If you treat this lightly, you stand the chance of running your business into a wormhole.

The most crucial component in your training program is the operations manual. It is the control mechanism that brings everything together. A manual is written basically for the franchisee that has no experience or prior knowledge of how the industry works. It is a cohesive tool that binds and legally incorporates the standards required for operational success. A potent training manual is mandatory. It must be detailed and harness any interested reader with the required information to start a successful franchise.

A good franchisor is saddled with the task of developing an effective training program for all franchisors. Most would offer a pre-training course at their headquarters using the operational manual as a textbook to put interested parties in the loop or in the full scheme of things. This purpose involves the introduction of staff, philosophies, procedures and daily running of the franchise. These training sessions are usually lively and interactive.

The next stage training usually involves branching out to a franchisees’ location. This type of training is malleable in approach and content. In other words, it is tweaked to fit the franchisee’s location and target clientele. The main objective of the trainer is to identify and prioritize the needs of the franchisee.

It is imperative that you continue to receive ongoing training. New policies and procedures emerge all the time, you need to be on top of your game if you want to remain relevant. Training can never be too much. Anything that you learn, always ensure that you always put it into effect. What is the point of learning so much and acting out so little?

Franchisees are usually giving tests and assignments to gauge how much that they have learnt. A final exam is often conducted to cover all the topics that have been covered. Some franchisees struggle to put their training and customer support systems in perspective. This is the reason why their franchisees crash and burn.

It is important to always harness franchisees with the training required to ensure that a franchise opportunity succeeds. Besides having an effective training system, every franchisee must demonstrate that ultimate ability to succeed and possess a winning mentality at all times.


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