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NIA applies innovative principles to an industry that has long needed an update!

There are an estimated 28 million small business in the United States and every one of them needs some type of marketing plan. According to our research if a business just has the funds for one marketing effort, networking provides the greatest return on investment! The average business owner does not have 100 plus hours annually to attend weekly networking meetings. NIA’s monthly meetings opens up an entire new market of business owners who wish to network. Additionally by offering monthly meetings NIA groups tend to enjoy more owners as members than a group that meets weekly. That subset of the population is likely to grow in the coming years not decline! Research further shows that of a business owners receives a recommendation from a trusted source they have a 76% chance of earning that business. It is a great time to join the revolution in networking!

Not only do we have 28 million businesses in the States we also offer the only professionally run monthly networking groups. Business owners are more than ever looking for a return on every dollar and minute spent on their business. According to the Golding Group in 2017 and beyond Niche companies will find great success “Business success will come from further focusing on smaller, very specific audiences. Going extremely deep with customized messages and specialized platforms to a highly receptive and loyal audience will replace wide approach “shot gun” marketing. Based on community building, experiences and lifestyle over product specific messaging.” The NIA franchise offer will do well in any economic condition as business recognize the need to “Build relationships that last a lifetime.”

Owner’s Daily Activities /Ideal Candidate

If you love helping people and enjoy personal interaction and developing meaningful relationships then a NIA franchise may be just the fit.

IDEAL CANDIDATE: Network In Action is looking for franchisees who share our passion for making a difference in the lives of business owners through the creation networking groups “where members create relationships that last a lifetime.”
Executives and Entrepreneurs. The NIA model is ideal for professionals coming out of the corporate world. Our franchisees are typically upper-mid level managers, executives and entrepreneurs looking to build a high volume business. Network In Action also appeals to experienced entrepreneurs looking for a highly scalable business with potential long-term and sustainable earnings potential….more details

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